Work commissioned to Laszlo Custom Metal Design Ltd is guaranteed to result in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of craftsmanship. “We are in the business of creating works of art”, says Csaba Laszlo, co-owner of Laszlo Custom Metal Design. And the work provides ample testament to this claim. The artistic quality is evident not only in the metal art he creates, but also in the variety of home furnishings that Laszlo Custom Metal Design specializes in. Railings, furniture, fireplace doors, and light fixtures are made from raw materials such as brass, bronze, copper, and iron and are as unique and detailed as any of his decorative pieces.

Laszlo Custom Metal Design works with their customers from a conceptual stage, using their own designs or working from blueprints by the designer or architect of the home. They want to ensure that the finished product is complementary to the clients’ expectations, and to the design of the home. Laszlo Custom Metal Design creates pieces of metal work that range from being sleek and contemporary, to more elaborate and traditional in design. Because everything is custom built, each project requires special tools to be made for it — meaning no one design can be easily replicated or reproduced.

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